Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

You know you're getting older when you love watching documentaries for fun. Steven and I both love our Netflix subscription and for the time being it is our one source of entertainment. I'll watch just about any documentary...well, I cannot watch animals eat each other, can't handle that, but anything else!

We recently watched "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead." A 40 year old Australian - fasting on juice for 60 days. To most, including me, this sounded extreme. But, now I was intrigued.  Actually watching him do it, was AMAZING! No hype, no crazy voodoo or spiritual awakening, just a guy from Australia looking to take control of his autoimmune disease. He didn't even workout while on this fast, he just walked around talking with people about our food and diets. 

Seeing how much energy he had, how much weight he lost and how he was able to control an autoimmune disease he has (no more pills), was nothing short of a miracle. His inspiration challenged another man that they then documented - a trucker from Iowa. Not the typical "granola child" you'd think of doing a juice fast right? This man was depressed, weighed over 400 pounds and was on a suicidal route. Joe Cross - the Australian - met him while at a truck stop in a random part of Arizona. They oddly enough had the same rare autoimmune disease....what are the odds? (Are you're telling me there isn't divine intervention?) You have to watch this movie to see the transformation of this man's life!

Throughout this movie, the thing that struck me was this. We give our cars a tune up and maintenance our technology and machines, but we don't do it with our bodies. This fast wasn't just for weight loss it was to "reboot" his system with the nutrients it was lacking for so long. Cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, everything....a change in diet for a short time. 

Now, if you do it just for 60 days and go back to eating Burger King everyday, then no, this won't do anything for you. But, if it works and gives some perspective, then it's like the Biggest Loser Camp. You can lose the weight, but unless you understand why you are doing it and make the lifestyle change, it's not going to matter. Joe Cross now eats regular food - the fast was only for 60 days. 

So, if you're a foodie, a documentary junkie like me or just interested....check it out on Netflix or the site. Steven and I will be doing a juice fast here soon to regulate our systems again after years of stress. Join us! :)

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