Yes, We Moved Again

In the attempt to document as much of this event as possible, I had to write it down. Not because I'm at the point of laughing at everything that went on during our move...yet...but I'll get there.

Let's start with the facts:
I've moved 10 times since 2003
Steven & I have moved 3 times in 4 years of marriage
One move has been coast to coast
We have a 3 month old

Let's begin...

Prior to our move we started the normal packing process that everyone goes through. Luckily half our life was in boxes in the garage since we didn't know where we would be headed after a year of being in Georgia. Boxing items is fairly simple, as I now have become a moving professional by trade because of my track record with moves in the last decade.

Life Lesson #1 - Don't Overload Yourself with Priorities
Steven had taken a job down in Florida that would get us back in town 1 day before we were to move. I think I was smoking something when I agreed to drive to Florida, get back a day before we were to move, with a 3 month old and find a place for our dogs to stay. We went to Florida, Jack did wonderfully on the drives. He visited the beach for the first time and loved it ! Then we started the dreaded drive back to reality. Steven drove through the night (6 hours) after working a full day.  He then went to work for a 10 hour day as soon as we got home. I was left to finish up packing, cleaning the house, getting the dogs from boarding and oh taking care have a 3 month old!

Life Lesson #2 - Test Your Color Matched Paint!
To get back our full deposit from our crazy (literally) landlord we wanted to touch up the nicks and marks on the wall of wear and tear. Usually when you rent you don't have to worry about this stuff, but she got weird with us over an email I sent about not cashing our checks before the 1st of the month (yes this was in the contract!) *eye roll* and since then has had some strange reactions to us...basically we wanted to cover our butts and get our deposit back!

In an effort to do this, we got a fresh can of color matched paint. Well, Home Depot you #FAIL! Poor Steven touched up the entire house (I MEAN THE ENTIRE HOUSE) with a color that was 2 shades darker than the original paint. So, we spent hours of time and money painting every wall in the house; give or take a few. Thankfully, we got our deposit back :) and our landlord now has a freshly painted home!

Life Lesson #3 - Welcome to the Neighbohood!
Renting a moving truck was a first time endeavor for us. We got a great deal and had amazing help the day of the move! People we didn't even know showed up to help! Southern Hospitality right there folks. Steven called his Dad who works for Sysco Foods and asked for advice..."just don't get yourself in a U-Turn situation." Great. That wasn't going to be an issue. But...he didn't warn us about backing up dilemmas.

Truck loaded, we caravanned to the new home. Steven decided to back up the moving truck into our driveway for easy unloading....only problem, no one saw the curb on the neighbors driveway. High-centered on the curb, the bumper of a 26ft+ moving truck got stuck in the asphalt and we were blocking our new neighbors driveway completely. After brainstorming and the thought that Steven might pass out...a towing service came with an amazing guy who hauled us out. A Christian guy, he asked if we went to church and I swear was going to get Steven baptized if he wasn't already, haha.

Life Lesson #4 - Babies and iPhones Don't Mix
Feeding Jack later that night Steven brought up some water for me. We were exhausted and just needed a good shower and sleep. While feeding Jack I put the cup between my knees and my phone on the pillow. Jack flailed his arms knocking my iPhone into the cup of water....perfect shot. I grabbed it, dried it and googled every fixit luck. Steven asked, "Why did you put the cup there and your phone there." I need not answer this question considering the above mentioned story. My eyes reflected this and no more questions were asked. Steven brought it down the next morning to the Apple Store, expecting a $200 charge - the guy heard the story and replaced it for free! Holy Moly! Thank you Apple rock!

Life Lesson #5 - You Don't Really Need a Hot Shower
Tired, we wanted to shower Like I explained above. We turned on the water, no heat. We waited...maybe the pilot light was out. Ahhh the light isn't on, so we went to light it. It wasn't catching. Steven decided to check to make sure the valve outside was on. It was 11:45pm and our meter at the house were renting is under a huge tree filled with bugs and spiders. I didn't hear from him for a while...then he came back through the house and promptly stated "I just got sprayed with an air compressor filled with gas!" He had gone to switch on the valve because it was off, but instead got a mouthful of gas from the meter. Needless to say, we got cold showers that night.

We called the Emergency Hotline the next morning and found out the previous tenants stopped paying their gas bill and so the gas company put a lock on it. Well, these ghetto folks decided to break the lock so they could get free gas!!!! The company came back out and capped it. Well, I guess the tenants thought they could outsmart the gas company so they removed the pipe with the cap. No luck. Did they replace the pipe? months later = Steven getting sprayed in the face with gas.


If you ask us how it went, now you know! :)

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