Bright Starts Ingenuity High Chair Review

I've been getting questions about some of the baby items we have for Jack lately, so I figured I would write some reviews and help some other mamas out. I know when I was searching for things for Jack it was always helpful for a mom to give her opinion on her blog. I'll do my best!

Helpful Tip: When opening the swivel tray press the tray in a little bit as you push the red release button. This will save you time from pulling the tray and red release button hard (this is a safety mechanism) but they don't tell you this. Some people complained that it was too tough to open. My husband figured this out and it makes opening the tray very easy!

Bright Starts Ingenuity Perfect Place High Chair
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  • Swivel away tray pivots out of the way with one hand
  • EasyClean insert is dishwasher safe
  • Seatpad wipes clean and is machine washable
  • 7 position height adjustment
  • Removable head support
  • Weighs about 30 pounds
  • Rolls with wheels and has 1-click breaks

  • Adjusts to different heights - this is helpful if you have varying table heights and also if you want to bring your child to the sofa or a chair to feed them. 
  • Wheels - The handles on the back act just like a stroller - you can wheel you child to any room you'd like - I didn't think this was important at first, but soon realized how nice it was to take him from the living room, to the kitchen while I was cooking dinner. 
  • Adjustable foot rest - since my little one is only 5 months, even though he is tall his feet dangle on just about any chair. This allows a sort of "ottoman" for them. It also serves as a "slide" for any extra crumbs that fall, instead of hitting the floor.
  • 1- handed Reclining seat - for that baby that falls asleep eating 
  • Removable Tray - dishwasher safe and not massive - fits in my small little dishwasher
  • Swivel Tray - This is a genius design found on more expensive highchairs, but this isn't a crazy expensive high chair. The tray also adjust in and out/
  • Fabric & Restraints -  Fabric is stain resistant and washable - always a plus with babies, but it's not a cheap vinyl that makes him sweat. It's good quality and a neutral color with a nice simple design. The restraints come with a 5 point harness like a car seat, but also allows you to unclip the shoulder restraints if you only want to clip around the midsection.

  • Does not attach to table - this wasn't really a con for us because our table is very tall and we didn't want his utensils on it, but for some parents this is important. 
  • Not collapsable - it's not a large chair but does not fold up
  • Straps not padded - this comes with standard straps that are not padded but they aren't uncomfortable for my little one.

Other great options
Lower Priced Option: Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair, Red

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