Calling All Cooks...And Even Those of You Who Aren't! #mealtime

About 2 months ago I stumbled across a site called e-mealz which is a site for busy people that allowed you to sign up for recipes for dinner. Not only that, they were simple recipes and included a grocery shopping list, itemized! Beautiful! Because how frustrating is it to have a recipe and forget an ingredient at the store? I do it all the time! Some of the menus even have budget estimates included with them.


I wanted to try it so badly. With moving, a 5-month old and working part time I have had a hard time with meals. I LOVE to cook, it's actually a stress reliever for me, but after a very long day, I don't have ideas. Then by the time I come up with something it's 7:30 and poor Steven is eating at 9pm. Not good.

I hadn't tried this site, but a friend of mine and her husband came over the other night for dinner and she brought her e-mealz sample weekly recipes to show me. She is admittedly a new cook and loved it. She said it was very simple to follow and the recipes were actually very tasty.

After going through and doing our budget (Dave Ramsey style) for September I began to realize that even with couponing it's so easy to spend over your grocery limit. Especially impromptu dinners and special items like cheeses, meats and sauces. So, tonight was the night. I signed up and we'll see how this goes! Check it out and see how it might help your dinner planning and if not, hey, at least you got a few free recipes from looking.

  • Cost is $15 for 3-month subscription (That's over 80 recipes!) ** Coupon Code: DAVE will save you $2.50!
  • Allergies/Sensitive Foodies? - There are all sorts of different kinds of menus! Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Low Fat, you name it!
  • There are free test menus so you can try out a few to see if it works for you.

Emealz - Easy Meals for Busy People!

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