Summer Lovin' 2011

This summer was jam packed and I can say we made it out alive.

June - We started packing again as we planned to move close to where Steven works. This was a process with no family nearby and a 3 month old. I can tell you that re-painting an entire rental home due to Home Depot's paint matching error added to the chaos. We headed to Florida for a few days while Steven worked and Jack had his first visit to the East Coast Beach. He liked it a lot, for what a 3-month old could like about a beach and even got his toes wet. We also had some photo shoots this summer. He's a pro :)

July - Moving month! With some help from great friends and some answered prayers we made it into our home closer to work. It's a quiet little street with lots of trees and I think it's probably what I would have imagined when I thought of living in GA. Deer come right up to our house and graze. It's my favorite thing. I'm always shouting, "Look! Aren't they amazing?" I can't get enough of them. Especially the little babies.

Onward we went to CA for a dear friends wedding that I was able to take part in. Jack had his first plane ride and did really well. He didn't sleep, but he wasn't loud. Just liked to stare and smile at everyone of the stewardesses.

The wedding for my friend was beautiful. Love her, love them. It made me appreciate San Diego, CA like I never had before. We got to see some old friends, have a sushi date with Jeff and Adoree  and their son Noah who is 3 months older than Jack, and had Mexican food until we couldn't eat it anymore. Plus, family of course and meeting of the Uncles, a few of his Great-Grandparents and Great Uncles/Aunts for the first time for J.

August - With the heat slowly starting to give way to fall weather, we ventured out and found a walking path by our house. You can take some really amazing pictures along this greenway. The scenery is out of a movie. Jack loves talking walks and usually falls asleep in his little pack or the stroller - depending on if I want an extra 18lb workout. We usually see deer here as well.

Deer Story: We were headed back on the path to where we started and saw a doe all on her own. She grazed innocently and glanced up at us as we passed. The crunching of leaves behind us made me turn to realize she was following us. My heart raced a bit because we had the baby & the dogs and I didn't know if she felt like we were too close. Was she making sure we were leaving? She didn't walk threateningly, just cantered a bit, always parallel with us. We continued along the path and she took the scenic route between trees, all the while staring at us, still chewing her greens. I'd say we kept that pace and walked about 1/2 mile until she decided we had nothing to offer her and didn't want to leave the safety the tree fortress. I'll never forget that experience. God's creatures are truly amazing.

I'm excited that this season in life has allowed me to have a total different experience with nature than in California. There is nothing like the ocean shores of So. Cal, but there isn't anything like the wild life and greenery I've gotten to experience this last year in Georgia.

Jack also started solids this month. He likes carrots the best, verdict is out on green beans and peas!

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