Turbo Fire - It's officially ME time!

A little over a year ago we moved, changed careers, and got pregnant. They tell you not to do 2 of those things in the same year, much less all 3.  Steven and I like the saying "This is how we roll."We had our baby, moved again in July, and traveled a bit this summer to visit family and take part in a friends wedding. Now that it's August...it's me time!

TurboFire is my latest obsession when it comes to the BeachBody workouts. It's Insanity, but for sane people. :) I some days like to think I'm sane. The workouts are fast paced and make me sweat like a crazy person. The music makes you want to work. It's a 90-day program and I start Day 9 tomorrow.

Here's a self interview about the workout so far. *these are my opinions solely

Q. What's a workout like?
This workout is a mix between high intensity dance team and kickboxing. You've got moves that are fun, a little quirky (meaning my husband said he wouldn't do them because he said he'd feel funny) but the intensity of a true athlete's workout. 

Q. Who Runs the Workout?
The leader of the class, Chalene Johnson. She is all energy and motivation. It's funny because she doesn't get on my nerves like other workout gurus do as they smile the entire time you're practically dying. She makes you want to work harder. She is a mix between an OC mom/Jillian Michaels/cheerleader. I'd kill for her abs!

 Meet Christina Volk

The key to working out is to have an accountability person. Since my workout buddies are in CA, while scouring the internet for post C-section workouts, I came across a Beach Body Coach's (Christina Volk) YouTube video. She had a c-section, so I was encouraged that I could get my body back after being cut in half (*enter my dramatic statement of the day*).

I then connected with her on FB. She's such an encouragement, a mom herself, and it's nice to know she's there to answer questions. She is able to stay home with her kids while working as a coach. So, if you're thinking about this program...go connect with her. She's bound to get you on the right path. Oh, in case you're wondering...I'm not getting compensated to endorse her in any way.   

Check her out! You can also read her blog here!

Q. Why is it so effective?
I researched this a lot before I bought it because I didn't want it to be a glorified workout video that I spent lots of money on and knew all the moves before. I've done P90x before and liked it, saw good results, but wanted to be leaner....this was the workout I was looking for!

HITT training (High Intensity Interval Training) is they key. It's something I use to hate in high school soccer practice. Drills we use to do like Indian Runs, Lines and Down Ups push your body for maximum intensity for short bursts of time which burns a ton of fat and doesn't punish you for 60 minutes of monotony. This is TurboFire in a nut shell. Plus you get the after burn effect and burn even more AFTER your workout. Yes please!

Q. I'm a mom...how long are the workouts?
It ranges, but the longest one is an hour. That being said, yesterday's workout was 20 minutes! That's it! It went super fast to the point that Steven can watch Jack while I work out and then I'm done. The glorious thing about the short workout days is that it burns a ton of calories AFTER you work out, so it's like a bonus!

Q. I've lost my coordination after being pregnant. Can I keep up with the moves?
New to Class. This was my lifesaver. There is a new to class section teaching you all the moves for that particular video. The nice thing is that many of the moves repeat from video to video, it's just a different sequence. You get to shake your butt and I'm starting to get my coordination back. As long as you're moving and working, you'll sweat and get a workout! 

Q. Are there non-paid results? 
Check out these pictures. Sold!



Wish me luck! You should join me :) I'd welcome a support group!

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  1. The girl in the beach and blue swimsuit pictures is a friend of mine! She's a coach, and LOVES these workout programs! She's had a lot of success with them, too :)



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