Labor Day Weekend Fun

Over the weekend I convinced Steven to once again pick up a paint brush so that we could finally get Jack's room finished up. It was like pulling teeth since the last time we did it he said he'd never paint again. I'm persuasive :)

I've been dying to paint Jack's nursery, but because of the move didn't get to when he was first born. So, labor day weekend was our time. I love how it turned out! :) It makes it feel so much more settled now that the "baby poop" brown color has been eliminated!

We had dinner with some friends last night even through the Tornado Warnings, went to church and had our small group meeting time also this weekend.

As I'm typing this, I realize I'm describing our weekend in no particular order other than the way it's flying into my head. So, please forgive me and keep up if you can. It was easier to put in this little disclaimer instead of figure out what day we did everything....oh, pregnancy brain, you have stayed with me!

Here are some pictures of the finished nursery. Gray is my new chocolate brown. Love it!

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