Apple Pickin'

We've been spending a lot of time outdoors lately. Our backyard has a simple little deck that I like to sit on with Jack in his walker, enjoy the dogs tearing around the yard as they chase each other. With the fall leaves changing colors, I can't help but enjoy a cup of coffee in the crisp fall air.

Yesterday, we went apple picking. This is a favorite pastime of mine when I was little. My family use to go to a place called Oak Glen in California. It was the best orchard I've ever been to. The trees were huge, mature, and you had to have an apple picker to get the really red and green ones at the very top. There was candle making, apple cider and apple pies. I always remember a ton of yellow jackets too. Must have been the honey and apple sugars they loved.

Off to make an apple pie with all our apples! :)

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