Welcome Fall

As the summer quickly fades from my memory, Fall enters and continually sweeps me off my feet. I love the fall. The weather, the clothes, the food, the memories. So many memories happened during this time of year for my family because we were on a year round school schedule and October was one of our off months. We'd go apple picking, pumpkin patching, and of course living in So Cal, we had Disneyland Passes and would go for 2-3 hours, getting on practically every ride imaginable because it wasn't busy in the middle of the week in October. Indiana Jones and Space Mountain 3x in a row anyone?

This weekend we went to the same pumpkin patch that Steven and I did last year when I was 4 months pregnant. It was crazy to think that little Jack was so tiny and now seems so big with milestones getting checked off the list monthly. Jack wasn't too sure about the pumpkins. He didn't not like them, he just didn't' know what to do with them. Lets just say, he wasn't impressed. By these pictures you might think he enjoyed himself, but do not be fooled. These crazy first time parents took almost 500 shots to get these. He really wasn't having the experience that day! He did seem to like the goats and the tractor hayride. Future farmer? :)

We also got to go to a sweet little birthday party for two of Jack's older lady friends Bella and Farrah, daughters of fellow mommy blogger and friend, Katie Green. The kids got to dress up in their Halloween costumes and it was so cute to see all these little ones be so proud of "who they were" for that afternoon.

A busy and fun weekend was had by all! Happy Fall!

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