Thankful for an 'unconditional' Gentleman

Today I went to Starbucks to work a bit. I needed uninterrupted time to focus on a big client project. I went in my "comfy clothes." My jeans, boots, my hair in a pony tail and just a touch of makeup - this was completed with my favorite Banana Republic black sweater. Nothing flashy, no jewelry. Didn't need to impress this morning. Just going to work.

I got to a Starbucks that is hit and miss when it comes to busyness and of course this morning at 10:30am it was slammed with nowhere to sit. However, there was a little table that wobbled outside open. In an effort to not waste time driving somewhere else, I braved the cold 50 degree temps - the wind chill brought it to the high 40's. Inside, every table was occupied by a middle-aged man. Now, I'm honestly more progressive than to think some man would give up his seat obligingly just because I'm a woman. No, he was there first and I wouldn't expect it. Seriously, I wasn't offended, just cold, haha. One of them would leave eventually and then I'd sneak in and grab the table.

After about 20 minutes and some frozen fingertips, some people exited and I peeked my head inside to see if a table had freed up. Nope. Darn. Oh well...I'll just type quickly so I can get my work done. No sooner did I sit back down did this nice guy come out and say, "Hey, you can have my seat, I know you're cold. I have to take a call anyway. I don't want to be the annoying guy on the phone in Starbucks." I didn't blink and I packed up my things and went inside. This guy looked like a normal "dad" about mid-30's in a baseball cap, jeans and was very obviously working hard on whatever line of work he's in. All the other guys inside were in their nice suits and had their iPads out, just casually tapping on their iPhones. Probably not working...just hangin'. It was generally noticed that he was giving up his seat for me and I thanked him with much appreciation! This guy gave up his seat, because he saw I was cold. That's it. It wasn't because I was attractive or dressed to kill. He was just a gentlemen. 

After siting here for a while, I watched the other men that eyed me while I sat down. I had the sense (not because they didn't offer) but by their stares that they wouldn't have thought to do that for me unconditionally. Ahhh, now I'm a cynic right? Yep, that's it I thought to myself. Off too work. 

No sooner did I think this, that two very attractive (model-esque) women came thru the door. They looked like they were headed to a fashion show with their $500 boots and their Coach bags. They looked really good. In fact, I'd have killed for one of the girls' boots! They were probably mid-20's and had long slightly curled hair. Their makeup was flawless. No sooner did they order their drinks and talk with one another jokingly about it being busy and there was a table outside they could sit at, did two men jump up and offer their seats. Hmmm, I was frozen and no one offered me a seat.

So, I could be some rant some more about how men are pigs and blah, blah, but you know what..? It's Thankful Month. Plus, those people don't deserve much airtime. Instead, today I'm thankful for the guy that gave up his seat for me, just because. Because I was cold and he recognized the need. He went out of his way to come get me, because I didn't ask. He didn't have to, but he did. For that, I'm thankful. 

He also challenged my giving and generosity unconditional? Is yours? 

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