"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

....Let Your Heart be Light"

This year is a mixed feeling kind-of-Christmas. In all honesty, my heart isn't feeling light. I am looking forward to Jack's 1st Christmas and all that goes with it. Santa's even brought a couple of toys early, since he couldn't wait until the 25th to see him play with them.  My Dad always said when you have kids the "Magic of Christmas" seems to return like when you were young. I can attest to some of this magic spilling over when I see Jack admire the gifts and tug at the stockings on the mantle.

Mixed emotions seem to come from the reality of life. Let me explain where this comes from.

Hallie Lynn Green. Born December 19, 2011 at a little under 5lbs, this little girl entered the world with odds stacked against her. All the prayers we've prayed for our friends, The Greens have been answered in full. Nothing was left unturned in the "hope" department. Taken from their site: Our "Hope for Hallie" is that people would see life as a gift, and draw near to God. Accomplished. At least with me. Yet, none of that hope guaranteed Hallie living long-term. 

There's still a part of me that grieves that last sentence. Not out of a distrust in God, but the thought of having a child and then letting them go. As a parent, that is a crippling emotion.  Empathy is a strange gift. It's never about you, yet the pain you feel for someone else can be overwhelming. God has allowed it to overwhelm me this week. I count that a tearful blessing. 

This little girl's life has had an impact on how I view family and challenged my humility. The outpouring of love for this family is nothing short of God showing up at your door step to give you a deep embrace. You could say she's made an impact.... at only 5 days old. What a babe! 

That sort of impact doesn't happen too often in life. Her birth reminded me of another baby whose birth rocked the world. We celebrate each Christmas, a gift (a baby) that was given to us - named Jesus - whose birth changed the corse of humanity by simply taking his first breath. People came bearing gifts, they sang to him, they rejoiced from afar having never met him, they praised the Lord. The resemblance in stories is beautiful.

Hallelujah "Hallie": God be praised

How can a 5-day old infant make such an impact? It's been a journey with Katie and Chris to watch them field 9-months of pregnancy pains, questions, joys and sorrows. This is said with the utmost respect for family and close friends that have been by their side from Day 1....my journey came at somewhat of a distance, but the impact was significant. 

Hallie cannot see, she has no eyes, yet she doesn't need to see to feel she's loved. How often do we forget to give love by helping someone feel supported and safe? It's challenged me to give love in tangible ways, without condition and with care.

Hallie has a cleft palette, hindering most from drinking from a bottle - Things in life we often see as imperfections are merely markers that distinguish us as different than the next. We all have obstacles to face in life. No one is omitted. Everyone's is a little different. We're all here to support one another. When we forget to do that, we've lost our way.

Hallie most likely will not live - If I've taken one thing from the Green Family it's this. They have been present during the good and bad, joyful and sorrowful news, taking the beautiful along with the ugly. They have taken their journey, put it into words and gifted each of us reading with a renewed sense of hope. For each person, that "hope" can take on a different meaning.

Hope has always been one of my favorite words because it comes with an expectation, a trust. A trust in something far greater than yourself. It's not falsely excited or naive. For me, it's a relinquishing of control.

Hallie is loved - Our love for others is the expression of the overflowing abundance of love between us and God. I don't know that a child could be more loved, more prayed for, by more people many who don't even know her. God asked us to do 2 things. Love God. Love People. We don't have to know them to love them.

Thank you Green Family. We love you, support you and pray for you always. Your sweet Hallie remains in our hearts and is a constant and beautiful reminder of the gift we call life.

Read About The Greens, Miss Hallie

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  1. This is a powerful reflection, friend. Love your heart and praying for the Greens...



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