Who is Lisa Marcia? - On Social Media, as a Wife, & as a Friend

A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy? - Albert Einstein

Going to try a little series out on y'all, so people can get to know who I am a little better. I get a lot of questions about "Who is Lisa?" usually because I'm pretty behind the scenes. 

This is hard section to write on because most times you'd ask a spouse's opinion. I think they have it a little clearer in how you are functioning as their partner, but I'm going to attempt! And since Steven never reads my blog you can assume everything I say is correct! :) 

I take very seriously the relationship of a wife because I don't trust many people. Finding someone you trust on all levels is something special; something to fight for. I'm not a jealous person. I've learned to trust my gut on women and other relationships my husband holds, especially in the line of work that he's in. I know when something ain't right, and I'll give him a heads up and let him manage that. The great thing? Most times, he's on it before I even have to mention it. Women are weird & forward, especially in church & music! So, if anyone has a thought about my husband, know I already know! :) I don't hold the wife title to win votes! :)

Steven and I talk about everything. He knows all that's going on with me and visa versa. I like how that works. Some marriages stand to assume a relationship that functions more authoritatively with the husband in a role that puts him above a wife in a tangible sense, rather than a spiritual sense. That wouldn't work for us.

Other things: I love to cook, I can get really goofy and I'm loyal like a faithful dog. 

The ever corporate-minded independent women I was before Steven came along, was softened by meeting him. I'm still independent (ask him!) but when you get into the church or music industry, you tend to take a back seat in people's minds. Don't go and feel sorry for me. It's actually been refreshing in some aspects because I'm not as concerned about what people think about who I am. Rather, I get to be more focused on being the best me I can be to my family and in my own business industry. Cliche? Probably!

Those of you who know me, know I've always got an opinion, can talk up a storm and frankly I think I'm a pretty easy person to get along with. I'm not intimidated by much in life and whether you're a guy or gal, I can usually hang. In fact, it's usually easier for me to talk with guys; it's how I've always been. 

I might be easy going in social situation, but, I'm not someone that just conforms, so many times that doesn't win me the "usual" friendships many women so often desire. I'm not rude, but I'm not out to please everyone by being the stereotypical wife, mom, Christian, or friend. Some people reading this might laugh, because I might just "fit that mold" to them. I'm here to break that assumption. :)

I'm simple when it comes to relationships. Sometimes like a guy. I like the no-strings attached, no dramatic expectations; just simple, loving relationships. I don't need to call ya, hear from you or be in contact every week, but I like to know it's a two-way street. I've got very few close friends (I can count on a few fingers). It's easiest for me to disconnect when I know it's not a working relationship. This also doesn't win me many points in the "Girl" department because most women want/need something I'm just not interested in. Maybe that's wrong of me? Still figuring that out. Balance is important and finding that in my relationships has been necessary in order for me to engage in new relationships. Wow, we're getting deep here folks!

Social Media and Marketing is what I do for a living. It's my business. (I'll dive into that more in another blog). On the whole, I like to pick and choose my battles in the social media arena, primarily because I never want to be defined as "someone" on social media by my own doing. You can classify me however you'd like, but I never want a 'persona' that isn't truly authentically me.

I've always subscribed to the thought that you should never be a better you in public. Consistency in this realm, specifically in the area of character & personality is uber importante!. I come from CA, so most times what you see is what you get with people's response to you. Whether it's rude or not, at least you know what's coming. I thought I hated that when we left...sometimes I crave that directness here in the south. Directness for me is the antithesis of passive aggressiveness. Ask me what my biggest pet peeve is.

That being said, I have a closed Twitter account, I'm very careful who I be-friend, comment on and interact with because I have felt the wrath of drama created online and in church and away from any personal connection. I don't have a problem denying a request, not responding to a probe or reacting to something that I know people would love my reaction to. I'm not an in-your-face type of direct. I do have tact. But, know that a non-response by me is my own response to whatever is floating out there online. Either it's not my passion, I haven't researched it so I have no opinion, or frankly I don't want to be defined by fighting a certain fight through 140 characters.

Bam! There it is. I hope that didn't come across too blunt or unemotional. I'm giving a go this year to allow people a closer glimpse of who I am, rather than be consistently defined in ways that I then have to refute or defend. So, this is me. Elaboration is my strength and my weakness, so this won't be the last defining blog I write. There's more to come. Hope you can come along for the ride.

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  1. I love this because I feel like I know you so well, but there are always new insights when someone gives an honest self-description... Thanks for your transparency! I think you're pretty awesome :)

    p.s. I love the quote... For oh-so-many reasons!



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