Are You Keeping Up With The Joneses?

How's your Pinterest following? Got enough "Likes" on your Facebook Fan Page? I'm not sure I do. Will it ever be enough? Most likely, the need of affirmation many of us seem to gain from social media will never be quenched. That's a good thing...if you're in business and needing to gain customers and followers. I'm all about the promotion of your brand online. (It's kinda what I do for a living). However, when it overflows into the Mommyhood of life, it makes us question who we are. No bueno!

Am I crafty enough?
How can accomplish all the pins I've saved?!
How do people have time to do all this cool stuff?

I know there are times this last week, after caring for a sick Jack-Jack, that I asked myself this very question.  How do women do it? The reality is.....they don't. Sure, some Moms have this extra crafty gene that enables them to be creative - faster. Sadly, I did not get that gene. My projects take a while if I'm going to do it correctly. While packing my house (yes, we're moving again...just locally) I realized how many Pinterest-type projects I had in boxes, never to have been completed. I'm totally guilty of doing this, a lot. Somehow, those projects just don't get done. Running a business, taking care of a toddler, managing schedules and then taking care of the house doesn't lend itself to extra time and creativity. But, that's okay. It's not WHO I am. Those projects don't define my value as a mom or wife. It's fun and creative, but it's a thing. It's not my characters, my integrity or most importantly, how I love.

After reading this blog written by another mom who owns , I realized we all suffer from this "Keeping up with the Jonses" mentality. We're guilty and feeling like we need to be something or someone according to who has Pinned something on Pinterest. It might not be a strong voice in our heads, but it's this lingering feeling of comparison. It does me no good.

So go check out her blog. It's a great mom blog, full of neat ideas, to do at your leisure, with no comparison trap.

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