I'm copying this from an older post WAAYYY back. 
I still think it's neat to look back at these type of things and I will still give credit to my old college roomie for posting this years ago! Thanks Cerissa!

I am thinking: my life has gone crazy. We are moving. Yes again. This will be 4 times in 5 years of marriage. We are working crazy amounts of hours (business has exploded for me as a WAHM), and Steven has been working extra hours. needless to say, I'm thinking I can't wait until Steven gets back from the store with "dessert" and a nice beverage :)

I am thankful: for health and provision.

From the kitchen: Well, tonight was my dear friend Amy's gracious dinner she nicely placed in a Whole Foods bag and brought over to me a few days ago. It was so nice to not think about cooking for at least one night. Maybe I can squeeze in a Chiptole run sometime this week too :)

I am wearing: My skinny jeans, now that I can finally fit into them. Thanks to @ChristinaVolk and her motivation and Shaun T. That guy kicks my butt.

I am hoping: I love that the last time I talked about this, I referred to P90X. Now I'm doing Insanity. Sounds like I workout a lot, huh? haha I'm hoping I sleep REALLY REALLY well tonight!

I am creating: something pretty cool. I know it's been delayed but it will be announced soon!

I am praying: for open doors, closed doors, and restful seasons. Also, that I don't accidentally put the salami in with the bread (in the pantry!) next time. Yikes!

Around the house: My life looks like one big box o' stuff. Stuff, it's all stuff.

I am reading: Two great books, which have been so wonderful! Here's a blog I just wrote on them.

I am watching: Lately, since we've finished Mad Men, Downton Abbey, Friday Night Lights, Top Shot, and a variety of others, we're starting to get into Breaking Bad. A little dark, but well written!

One of my favorite things: Silence

A few plans for the rest of the week: Work, Work, Box things up, Work, Eat, Sleep, Pack, repeat!

A picture that I am sharing: The first is a picture of the high pile of boxes. They reach more than 75% up our wall. The second, is my hair after 2 days, no product from my curling rod. I've never gotten so many questions on what I I'm here to say, it's awesome and I would highly recommend it!

Get it HERE

Happy Rest of Your Week!

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