I'm a 3243 - Creative Designer - What Are You?

Anxiously awaiting the results from my AI test, I sat and wondered had I answered everything according to how I really felt? Then I started to think....oh man, what is my motivational distortion score? If you all are reading this and thinking I'm a geek, you're probably right. Who analyzes their personality analysis? Me.

You are a Creative Designer - a 3243. Let me break it down for you.

I've always known these things about myself, but actually seeing it and reading through the various positives and negatives, it all came to light. When you take these type of tests, it's like you're talking to an old friend. It just "gets" who you are. It understands your motivations and your peeves. I love it. It also tells you how other people perceive those "strengths" and suddenly you need to be balanced and molded into something that everyone can understand....since not everyone in life is a 3243. 

Here are my thoughts on the individual parts of ME.

Always have been. Always will be. I've gotten better with age with not needing to have things 100% planned, but I love planning. It's a good thing too. That's part of what I do for a living. Building and understanding systems and how they work is something that's always interested me. I like figuring out how to do things more efficiently, sometimes at the cost of other people not being ready for that change.  I can implement a new process quickly and that has been something that's helped me work with organizations and people 3x my age. Seeing something function flawlessly is something that I get excited about. It's also what makes me a driver. Get it done. Make it efficient. Let's do it. Not much wiggle room for feelings, although I'm learning! :) 

Ahhhh, the bain of my existence as a woman. I'm straightforward. You know what? That comes out different when you're a woman. I'm not a hyper-feminist, but geez-the-wheez, sometimes I believe that unless you want to be perceived as a "B" (this is a kid friendly blog!) that I shouldn't be straightforward in my speech. I've learned that no matter what, because I am a woman, it will ALWAYS come out differently, even if a man said the exact same thing. So, what to do about this? 

Something I do not have a problem with is "dis-harmony." I'm okay having tough discussions, honest discussions, but I also know how EVERYONE in a room is feeling. I don't want dis-harmony to last forever, but when things need to get on the table, let's just get them out. I deal with resentment if it's just hush hush with no verdict. I'm constantly in this battle with who I am and what I know. I'd rather tell it like it is, not in a harsh way, but here are the facts. Let's figure out how to do something about it. I've also realized most people A) Don't want all the facts. B) Most can't handle the facts. That's okay! I just have to learn how to manage that with others. Good thing my hubs is a "Negotiator" in this area and can always balance both sides. I'm learning! 

I can tell when someone is: uncomfortable, irritated, happy, shy, resentful, jealous, excited, etc. without much verbal interaction needed. I'm a people reader. So, with that said, the verbalizer in me is constantly being pushed back and balanced by my attention to the room's mood. 

Commitment, motivation, decisiveness. Yep. Demanding? Probably in my work. The great thing about working for myself is that the person I'm demanding of, is me. Now, of course this can cause problems with over commitment and over-work, but man alive, I love it too. It focuses me and gets me excited to pursue that next goal or milestone. I'm sure this was in me when I was born, but I know the experiences I've been through in my life have also shaped this aspect of me. I'm a push forward type person. This doesn't mean I don't process things, I very much do. At some point though, I realize the need to "GO!" and so I go. I'm a fast decision maker, but well thought through. That scares some people, just like the Planner portion of my personality. I know what I want, I'm not afraid of failing or needing to come back to the drawing board, and everything I do is calculated. But....it's fast moving.

Lord have mercy. Every mom has to have this somewhere in their bones. Organization for many is one of my top skills. I think my favorite skill is balancing project and routine work and freedom with control. Freedom with control. Love this. I hope I exude some element of this, because most days I don't feel like I have control. I've given up lots of control over the years. Maybe that's why I have it? :) I also have my freak out "I've got so much going on I'm going crazy" moments. That's allowed, right? 

So, now you know a little bit more about me and my personality. My husband is a 3343. VERY similar personalities, which is how I know we work. It's also how we have to be very mindful of the fact that our similarities can separate our time with one another. We're drivers and work for exceptional quality. Making sure we do that with our marriage is key! Combined, it's a force to be reckoned with if your motivation is love, not power!

Every couple getting married should take this test! Every married couple or business owner....should take this test! It's worth it to find out who you really are, how other people perceive that and how you can manage your expectations based on your personality. Thanks AI for creating this! :)

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