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How many times have you guys heard me play my tiny violin that I'm moving....again? Probably, one too many. It seems for however much I want to be settled in one place, we've never been for very long. Odd, probably not. People do it all the time.

Here are some random & extraneous thoughts I always have during our move(s). Bear with my mental state as I'm a little sleep-deprived. I hope you can relate to these thoughts on some level! :) Happy Saturday!

  • How do I have this much crap stuff?
  • Does it really cost utility companies $125 to turn on my water? I need that guy's job. If I turned on 5 house's water per day, I'd be bank rollin' it!
  • Oh, you mean electricity and gas need a deposit too? Shoot, I'm going to start a utility management company, manage just the "turning on" of utilities. Watch out world. I'm going to be rich.
  • Having a child increases your "stuff" 10-fold. Truly amazing. Yet, seemingly not frustrating. 
  • Going through closets gives you time to purge all those old clothes you never wear! Just do it! Goodwill is calling!
  • I like taping boxes. :)
  • Packing while your little one is awake, doesn't work. 
  • Make packing toys and things fun for your kids! Jack loves to help, so even though the "just get it done" in me was screaming, I put it on mute for 20 minutes while Jack and I packed his toys into a box....took it it. Then repeat. He thought it was the best thing; it was a good reminder to me that kids have no concept of stress or urgency. They just need your love and attention. 
  • I've become a labeling freak! In the last two moves, I figured noting what is in the box, in general, would be fine. When you do that, you forget to mention things like: spoons, toasters, placemats or coffee binders. Trust me. It beats opening 12 boxes in search of that 1 item.
  • If you haven't looked in the boxes in your garage/attic for a year, don't open them before you move. You've just created a monster that feeds on consolidating and taking up valuable time! 
  • Plan grocery shopping wisely! I didn't this time around. Now I'm left to transport frozen turkey and hotdogs in the middle of summer. 
  • I wonder if I'll ever get my wedding dress professionally boxed? This big pink bag that hangs from my closet feels like it's getting bigger each year.
  • Invest in packing blankets & stretchy wrap!!!! They are a lifesaver and you can find them on Craig's List most times so you don't have to pay full price. We wrap all our furniture (chairs, side tables, nightstands, dressers, etc.) We haven't had damage to these items in 3 moves!
  • Start early! I always thought my Mom was crazy for starting a 1-2 months ahead of a move, but honestly, I did it this time and it made things a lot easier to focus on in the later weeks before our move. Here's a list of what I boxed early.
    • Frames
    • Wall Art
    • Large glass items from the kitchen (if you aren't throwing a party - cake plates, pie tins, etc) can all go! 
    • Outgrown children's clothes and toys + Books
    • Large furniture you don't "use" - bookshelves, end tables, etc.
  • Have a friend/family bring you meals. Haha. No, but honestly, I think cultivating a community of people that did this for one another would be super valuable! I'm so thankful to have a friend out here that without asking, made me like 3 nights worth of food! Stress relieved in one of my biggest areas. We all have to eat and she saw the need. :) To top it off, she became my favorite person of the week because she brought me Organic Espresso Chocolate
  • At the end of the day, it's all just stuff.
  • Have someone come professionally clean your home about 3 days before you move. You won't have to worry about deep cleaning the bathrooms, counters, sinks. Then, you can do a quick vacuum, clean you appliances and be almost done! Plus, you won't have to pay for a "move-out" clean. It's cheaper.
  • Paper plates are your friend about a week prior to a move. Start packing your dishes and buy foods you can easily prepare without the need for heavy pots and plates.
  • Moving is stressful & expensive. Plan wisely, find movers to help you - at a discounted price (most will give a discount for paying in cash) - but do your research! Don't hire just anyone. 
  • If you have a safe or specific bag, make sure your current and future lease agreement are in there. Extra keys, some extra cash and other essentials you'll need during a move. Don't put those items in a box. Know where to find them instantly.
Amended 4 days post-move: Some other handy tips from my husband!
  • When you take apart big items of furniture for safe moving or disassemble anything, put the tools you used to take apart the item in the same plastic bag as all the bolts and screws. That way, you don't have to search for the specific tool when you need your kitchen table or a dresser put back together. This saved us so much time.
  • Having movers saved our backs & our time. It was so nice to unpack boxes while others lugged them into the right places. PS the label colors worked wonders and the movers even commented that it was super easy to follow!
  • Don't make your utilities end date until the day AFTER you move out. We had our power cut mid-day = no AC and no outlet electricity. Bad for cleaning! 

Happy moving to anyone else out there who is likely experiencing these same thoughts! Feel free to add any to this list that I've left out!! :)

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