My Quest to Have a Children's Library...At Home

I love books. All sorts. All kinds. None too big or too small. Ever since I was little, I've loved to read and then I had Jack. I dreamed of all the books I remembered reading as a kid, lining a nicely crafted bookshelf. I started early, requesting books for him well before reading years. My husband laughs at me when I come home from Goodwill. He never asks anymore what I've found. He already knows...More books!

I have some favorites, but I'm always on a quest for new stories I haven't heard before. Nicely illustrated pages with good content is hard to find these days. 

So today, it was about 97 degrees here and we needed to get out of the house. To Barnes and Noble we went. We grabbed some tea for me, coffee for my handsome date, and juice for Jack, my other date. We perused the aisles and went in search of a few new finds that looked fun. 

We found two. I figured I'd share. Kids books are just so darn cute!

Pass It On By Marilyn Sadler

This is a great teamwork story about a little Bee who's friend Cow is stuck. Cow is too big for Bee to get him out, so he rounds up all his farm friends to help. Basically, it's like the game telephone, messages get mixed up the more people they tell and ends up in a funny mix up of sorts. 

A little expensive where we went, but found it on Amazon (love this place) for a little under $12! 

One Two: That's My Shoe! By Alison Murray

One, Two, That's my Shoe! is for younger kids and obviously falls into the counting and rhyming niche. It's very simplistic, but I like simple. The illustrations were well done, but easy on the eyes For Jack's age (12-18 months) I find many illustrations overpower their little eyes and they just need focus. 

Amazon again under $12. *note: this is not a board book. Book Link Love

This is hilarious considering we were there to read and my two boys were into their phones and apple juice. Meanwhile, Mom was on a scavenger hunt. :) Jack wanted to crawl around the shelves and excitedly announced, "Dora!" when he found the TV book section. We didn't stay long, but enjoyed the cool AC for a while and enjoyed our family time in the late afternoon. 

Since I am on a quest for this all encompassing children's library, do you have books you'd recommend? I did ask this at one other time before Jack was born, but am interested, since so many new books come out. Leave a comment. I'd love to know some family favorites you have for bedtime story time! 

Happy Tuesday to you all!

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