Sunshine & Sunny Days : Some Baby/Mommy Product Reviews

Love me some summertime. I'm starting to get use to summer in the south. While being sticky all the time isn't my cup of tea, I appreciate tons of communities that have pools available. In fact, I can't wait to move and take advantage of the pool amenities. I'm foreseeing lots of pool dates in the future!

I enjoy reviewing baby/toddler/mama products because I'm not getting paid to do it. It's my honest opinion and things I really use. So here we go. These are quick little reviews, not extensive ones.


Picnic Time Zuma Insulated Cooler Backpack, Blue

This little pack is great for quick trips to the beach. I know I traveled to the beach with Jack, my little guy, a few times this summer by myself. 
Every mom knows, the amount you have to carry increases exponentially based on kids! 

This carrier is light, comes in 5 different colors, has a mesh top for towels (I fit 3!) pacis, a few beach toys, wallets, has two zippered portions (one on the top flap and on the lower front) for keys and phones, and has a LARGE insulated bottom portion. I fit 6 waters, 3 sandwiches, chips and grapes. I still had tons of room. It consolidated all my beach activities into one bag, organized, neat and CHEAP! Get it! :)

Some other things I recommend:

Pampers Splashers Size 3-4 Disposable Swim Pants 24 Count

Alba Gren Tea SPF 45 + Sunscreen, 4-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 2) (You'll go through 2 if you're visiting the beach often! We never got burned once and I used it on me, my husband, and toddler - both who have eczema and sensitive skin with no issue)


Le Angelique Tapered Curling Iron, Pink, 13-25mm

My new favorite thing. I held off for a while not ordering this because, well I'm cheap and I thought "What's the difference between this and a curling iron?" Oh the difference! I have STICK STRAIGHT, NO CURLS hair. It will not hold a curl. 

Not anymore! :) This curling stick lets me curl my hair without product and it stays for DAYS...that's right! Days! It's quick too. I curled my long hair in under 10 minutes. 

Here is a picture of me and my little guy (sorry for it being so small and you can't see my hair SUPER well, but you get the idea. This is after a 7 hour road trip and after sleeping over night with my curls.

If you want simple curls in a short amount of time....Get it! 

Love, Mommy: Writing Love Letters To Your Baby

I started reading this book after I decided to start keeping a journal, not everyday, but consistently, for my little guy. It's such a good read and I'd recommend it to any mom. It's written by a writer who then had kids and gives you some really good ideas on WHAT to write on. Write love letter to you kids. They'll cherish them when they're older!

Get it Here.

Happy Sunday to you all!

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