DIY: Stain Remover for Tough Carpet Stains Using Ammonia & Iron

Yes, this is a post about removing carpet stains....feel free to scroll down if you're not interested in reading about my week! :)

I think with the move, & extra work being done, life just caught up with us and we got hit HARD with the stomach flu, sinus infection, and migraines. If you ever see me, I might not "seem stressed," but my body absorbs it all and thus, sickness ensues. Guess I should think about how to work on that.

Our weekend started yesterday, since Steven has Friday & Saturday off, so we rested all day, took Jack to the park later in the day once it had cooled a bit. Steven and I had a "date night - in" and I guess it wasn't really a date, more of just a night where one of us wasn't taking care of the other while being sick. All in all, a successful night after our crazy week!


So, onto the real reason why you're here. You want to know how to get a stain out of your carpet, right? Well, I visited from Pinterest and saw her method. HAD to try! In our new rental home, there are quite a few from past tenants, and it bugs me so!

It's safe to say a lot of our date night was me getting stains out of our rental house carpet, although I think I did impress my husband who came to peek a few times how the progress was coming along.

The Stains

I had tried everything to get them out. No luck. They weren't budging. So, off to Walmart I ran to grab the following:
  1. White Washcloths (bulk 18 pack for $4)
  2. Clear Ammonia
  3. A spray bottle
  4. Iron *I had this already


I mixed up the ammonia and hot water (try to make it boiling) in a 1:1 ratio in my spray bottle: 1 cup ammonia & 1 cup water. **Be warned, the fumes from ammonia are strong and I don't recommend doing this if you are pregnant or have health issues, at least not without a mask or a fan circulating

I heated my iron and readied my washcloths. I then liberally sprayed the area I wanted to treat. As you can see, it was a nasty stain in our dining room that needed attention. It just glared at me any time I went to work in my office (we're converting the dining room into my office space!) 

Then, I started ironing. As Jilliee had said, within seconds, that white washcloth turned a nasty brown and sizzled as I continued to iron it. I had my settings on 5 or 6 (cotton setting). I repeated the process a good 3-4 times. As you can see. I think it did the trick!! 

I kept going on little spots here and there around the room until my husband came and got me to watch our date night movie. 

Hope this helps someone else out there, as it helped me! :) 

Things to remember!
  • Don't inhale the steam coming from the iron as it's very strong with ammonia smell!
  • If you have any health issues or are pregnant, get someone else to clean your carpets.
  • Get a regular comb or brush and just brush the carpet after you've heated it after a while. It'll help the carpet fibers to stand back and up and not lay flat. 
  • Be prepared to be wowed! :)
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Have a wonderful week!

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