Weekly Recap + Challenge Check Up!

This was a full week of work. I'm still unpacking my house (I know, how long have I been talking about this?) and we had a bunch of errands to run and checklists to check off. Luckily, my little man was up for the challenge. 

Our first stop was Goodwill and I can say that I've worked hard eliminating "extras" from our house. The 40 in 40 challenge has spread so far and I'd love to hear about some other families success! Send me some of your pics! :)  

Some things have been hard to get rid of, but others I can say I hope it blesses someone else instead of just sitting in my garage or in a box for the next year. 

Because I do love some Goodwill deals, I had to make my way inside. I found about 5 scholastic books for Jack for about $3 and then I stumbled upon these beauties. I couldn't believe they were just sitting on an end cap looking lonely. My favorite color is yellow and I'm always on the hunt for vintage dishes. These look smaller in this picture, but they could hold a good sized chicken pot pie or even a quiche. I ogled over them, thinking surely they would be highly priced. Much to my surprise, it was almost as if they got put in the reject pile of pricing. Score for me! :) My total was about $4 and change. I got home and realized they were Michael Lax Copco dishes, both retailing for a combined total of over $70 on ebay! 

My husband instantly said, "So are you going to sell them?" haha I laughed as I placed them in the sink to be washed and prepped for use. "Of course not" I said. I liked them for them, not because they were expensive. 

Jack wasn't feeling great on Wednesday, a little tummy upset and so I figured driving and just hanging a bit were in order. Well, as most children do, he got hungry in the middle of errands and the only thing around was Chik-fil-a. Why I had in my head that an upset tummy + fried chicken was a good idea(?!), is a mystery to me. You might be able to put 2 and 2 together and about 45 minutes later in mid route to our last errand, I was pulling into the only thing on the back roads I was traveling: A Country Club Golf Resort to hopefully "hide" in the back part of the parking lot so I could clean up my child's lunch that was now, well, ya know...

Needless to say, it was a busy week. We finished it up with a trip to Ikea, cut short by a migraine headache and diaper explosion. All I can think of is how simple life was back when I was a kid. Now, I just laugh and say, well, It was a week!

How was your week?

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