Q&A: Answers to Funny Questions I've Been Asked Countless Times

Thought it would be fun to write a quick Q&A about different questions I've been asked that I think are funny or stand out because they've been asked a lot.

I got this idea from a book that I'm doing with Jack called Q&A a Day for Kids. I realized when I got the book, that the questions might be a little advanced for him, so I'll write whatever he says in response, even if it has literally nothing to do with the topic. :)

So....on to some of the questions I get asked about me or have been through the years.

Q: Are you the Verizon voicemail lady's voice?
A: This is probably the funniest one, because I've had so many people (dozens!) come up to me independent of one another and swear it was my voice. Unfortunately, I don't have royalty checks rolling through the door for a voice over for Verizon Wireless. But, I'm flattered that my voice sounds is so "professional sounding."

Q: You were a PK? Did you go through a rebellious phase?

A: This one also makes me laugh! Nope. I didn't. Sorry to disappoint. I got my upper ear pierced when I was 18 and that was the first big decision I made for myself as an adult. I kind of rebelled in the opposite way. I got really involved in church and had great grades so people didn't have anything to talk about. Didn't really realize I had done that until later in life. Guess if there was a a way to go, I'm glad I chose that one.

Q: Your husband is a musician, so, are you in music too?

A: This is a quizzacle question to me. If someone's husband was a salesman, would you ask if their wife was a saleswoman? Answering a question with a question probably sounds bitter, but it's not meant to be. I just never have understood how with his musical profession, that's the question I'm asked.

I'm not a musician. I'm Lisa :) I own my own web & graphic design firm, I am a mommy, and love working from home.

I played piano for 5 years as a little girl (was sight reading when I was 9) but chose to play soccer versus continue to play piano. I hated practicing.

Fun Fact: I did write a song called, "The Gift of Sight" that told the story of Hellen Keller's discovery of water and the turmoil that her life was in until she learned how to communicate. Pretty deep for a 9 year old. It was my concept completely. I remember sitting in my room and feeling the music as I played the notes. Maybe I missed my calling? :)

Oh, and I won 2nd place for that song in a competition. Still no royalty checks.

Q: Is Your Last Name (Gnat?) Is Your Name Marsha?

A: Ah, yes! The questions about my last names. My maiden name is GANTT - like the Gantt Chart for your smarties out there. Two T's. I got called "Lisa Gnat" my whole life. Then, I met Steven. Loved his last name "Mar-cee", but now get called Marsha all the time because Marsha & Marcia is the same difference. Glory. Oh well! Guess I got a great hubs out of it.

I think that about wraps up some of the funniest and random things I've been asked in my life. Do you have any questions people ask you over and over? Leave a comment! I'd love to hear them.

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