Yeehaw Cowboy

I can't believe my little munchkin is turning two in a very short amount of time. Honestly, until you're a parent, I don't believe you actually see time fly. Kids...they do something to that darned clock. The hands move faster (and yes, some days, the bedtime clock doesn't come fast enough).

These last two years have been wonderful with Jack. He's such a joy, always happy, a people person and loves the "Boom Booms" (toddler for: drums).

Being a former event planner, I don't like cliche. I always swore my kids wouldn't have a character party if I could help it because there are so many fun, unique ways to make a party different than buying character "stuff" at the store. That's sounds really snobby, right? I don't think kids parties aren't cool or fun if you do a character (please don't hate me moms!), I selfishly, just wanted to get creative.

It's not you, it's me!

Well, anytime a parent sets out with their own agenda, a child is born that seems to counteract well laid plans. I'm laughing as I type this.

  • I will be an on time mom that does stuff naturally = Jack was a week late and I had a c-section
  • I like a schedule = Jack was awesome until 10 months with sleep. He's great now, but there was a period of time I questioned my sanity.
  • I will throw unique & creative parties for my kids = TOY STORY themed 2nd bday.

Most of the above is tongue and cheek, but isn't that life? Our intent is good, but there's something better behind what actually happens. Okay...I digress, this is getting too deep for a children's bday party inspiration board post.

Pinterest has been my friend for the last year and then they added secret boards! Woo hoo! I was able to compile a bunch of fun pins for J's party without bogging down the feed for people who don't care about Buzz Lightyear cakepops. :)
Jack at the Disney Story - watching Toy Story and holding all his "friends" that he found on the shelves.
Can You See Why We're Having a Toy Story party?

If you don't follow me, you might want to head over there and follow my boards. I'd love to know who ya are & I'll follow you back! :) is a glimpse of Jack's birthday! (I'll make the entire board public once his party has happened). Cannot wait to share the day in pictures and to see his face.

In the words of Jack (and Woody) "YEEHAW COWBOY!"

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