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Hey gals! This blogs for you. I'm assuming that 90% of my readers are ladies, so for you 10% lone rangers out there, sit tight. This a makeup blog.

Recently, I have gotten some nice comments about my makeup and hair and wanted to share the "secret." I laughed again as I typed this sentence...I tend to LOL a lot when I write on my blog because I do NOT take myself this serious.

Why? Because this is SO not my industry. I am so not a hair or makeup guru in the slightest. Who am I? I'm a mom that hopefully slaps some makeup on her face after a shower (If I get one that day) in between working and raising my little Jack.

Now that we have all pre-conceived ideas about me out of the way, here are some of the products I currently use or like. I also have a makeup artist I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that I get tips from on Youtube. Glorious Youtube....what would we do without you?

Oh my, she's amazing. She's so young, peppy and super cute. It makes me love makeup even more because she really shows you HOW to do your makeup! This photo is my favorite because I love how my makeup looks based on one of her videos...and then there's this cute child of mine in it that just makes this picture the best!

Skin Care

I have really noticed a difference with these, especially after the harsh cold we have had here the last month! Mario Badescu rocks in my opinion. I suggest these for those with Dry/Combo skin. If you're Oily, there's tons a products for you too.

My 3 favorites - I have more products, but these are good day-to-day products.

  • Enzyme Cleansing Gel - it's a non-foaming cleanser, makeup remover and my daily face wash!
  • Cucumber Cleansing Lotion - It's a fantastic toner. Love it. Doesn't dry me out. 
  • Herbal Hydrating Serum - this is like blue magic! It's my nightly mositruizer and is truly nothing short of amazing. It's cleared up my dry skin and those fine lines that were showing up because of the weather...not because I'm getting older. ;) 

Hair - I need a cut & color badly!

  • Fat Hair Conditioner
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Monthly overnight mask - If you have a Costco membership you can buy a huge jar of this stuff for really cheap! Make sure it's organic and extra virgin!
Makeup - I'm a drugstore girl, with some higher end favorites. 
  • Eyeshadows: Love ULTA eyeshadows! They're fabulous for everyday. 
  • Mac Eyeshadows: Naked Lunch (lid) and a mix of others! 
  • Foundation: I use Mac foundation (Studio Sculpt) and Mac concealer. ~ In the past I have used Dermologica Foundation & Stila. Stila and Mac to me are pretty comparable with quality and pricing. Dermologica is a more sheer foundation and was great for my skin!~
  • Powder & Blush: ELF (target brand!) Love the bronzer and blush compact ($3) and the translucent powder compact ($3)
  • Lips: Loreal Fairest Nude + ELF Baby Lips Gloss (great for spring and more neutral lips)
  • Brushes: Jaclyn Hill turned me on to Sigma brushes. Changed my makeup routine completely!
The Essential Kit

My Go To Make Gal
She doesn't even know I exist, but the credit is all hers! Her videos are wonderful and have helped me so much with my skincare routine. You don't have to spend 45 minutes on your makeup. You don't even have to spend 20 if you have some of the basics down. :) Thanks Jaclyn for helping lots of women feel beautiful by empowering them to know how to do their makeup! 

You can find her on: Instagram | YouTube | Facebook 

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