Faces of Influential Women

Honestly, I had a hard time posting my face to this blog post after I just wrote the title: Faces of Influential Women. It seemed strange and a little awkward to promote it. Never want to seem like I'm coming across as "This is my blog, hear me roar" type of gal. 

So, why did I do this?

A few weeks ago I joined something called the Influence Network. It's a group of awesome, hard working, and creative women. One of the members, Nadinehad a great idea to linkup to help get to know the women of the Influence Network a bit better than just a forum setup. So, they gave us 3 things to post about ourselves. The only requirement was to write with purpose. Love this!

One photo I love:

Until recently, it's been rather difficult to find a picture I LOVE of myself. Not to be too dreary or hard on me, but baby's change you. I know my baby is now a toddler and almost 2, but my face has never really gone back to it's original shape. I just laughed out loud a bit after that comment, but it's true. Moms, you know what I'm saying! So, recently, on the ride to church I snapped the above photo. Lighting was great and the stars were in alignment. This then became my new social media profile picture. :) 

3 things you should know about me:

1.   My favorite color is yellow. It has been yellow since my elementary school days. Why? People never chose yellow when they were a kid. It was either purple, pink, blue....but mine was yellow because it was bright and sunny and cheerful. It still is and now, it's trendy! Yes, I held on long enough and now people like yellow. But, I had it first ;) This is also why I love my company's website so much and the name The Little Mustard Seed....because I got to use yellow!

2.   I love pickles! As a kid we use to go to Disneyland (when I lived in CA) and we got to choose one snack. I always chose a big dill pickle in the bag. It would last so long and was salty. I'm a salty person, not a sweets. I will choose a dill pickle any day over candy. 

3.   I was a PK. Years back, my Dad was a pastor at our church and so I was raised under the umbrella of "Pastor's Kid." Many of you who read my blog or know me personally already know this, but my Influence Network gals probably don't. No rebellious phase. I did take a break from church though right after I got married, because I needed a breather from some of the politics and personalities. I feel like God honored that "step away from going to church" phase for me. Sometimes it can get plain overwhelming. Anyone who is a church wife, PK or just serves in the church for long periods of time should read this book. It's a palette cleanser and very true to heart. I love Anne Jackson. She's a rockstar. Here's a quick video on the book and with the author.

Something the Influence Network has taught me:

There are healthy people who want community! I think from my days as a PK and now as a wife of a husband who works for a church in Atlanta, I am wary of arranged community. [That's for another blog] I'm a very loyal person and love having deep relationship with people, but it doesn't come overnight. It's built and not created. 

I like the Influence Network because I feel like people are listening, they're receptive and they are genuinely interested in your success and happiness vs. feeling competitive. No more competing ladies! True authentic support is key to us pursuing what we've been created to do and doing it with purpose. 

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  1. Stopping by from the link up. I def need to read that book. I was so burnt out when I got out of high school to about a year ago when God wrecked me. :)



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