Jack's 2nd Birthday: Toy Story Theme

Invites went out (most of them at least). It came and went. In a flash Jack was 2, the hay bales we struggled to load into an 18 passenger rented van sat useless on our side-yard and I was beat. I'm so thankful that we got to throw this party for him even though he won't remember it. Some people don't understand why you would go through all the fuss for a 2-years old's party. Why?

Because he'll enjoy looking back on the day in old photos, just like I do at my old pictures. They make me laugh and create an nostalgia like nothing else does. It takes you back. I like that feeling. He'll appreciate it (or his wife will) one day.
The Invitations

We did a Toy Story Themed party, but leaned more towards a cowboy "feel" since Jack loves Woody.

My Favorite Shot of the Day from our talented friend Amanda.

Simple cowboy eats: Slinky Dogs, Mr. Potato Head Salad, Chips,
Lemonade, Coleslaw, Baked Beans 
The Cake - in transit

My friend did an amazing job on this cake & cupcakes!
Thanks Candi!

Good friends having some dogs

He asked ALL day before the party for these cupcakes. He was waiting.

Two friends having a cupcake together

Presents time! That was hilarious as there was no organization whatsoever!

Cowboy Jack

What Cowboy party would be complete without our 3 chickens?

The day went so well. All the kids played well together, no one got hurt, and the weather was beautiful! Unlike the weather this last weekend. I was very thankful we threw this shindig a week earlier.

Cheers to another year baby boy. We love you Jack Jack.

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