The Hesitant Scrapbooker

I'm a great idea person. I know it's one of my strengths. One of my weaknesses? Finishing projects! Not deadline specific ones for my clients, but crafty or personal projects. Since there is no urgency really, it's just for fun, I can start a project, but finishing is hard to do for me.

I've always wondered why this is. I think because some of my best work is when there is pressure and a little bit of stress associated with it. I use to feel bad about that. After attending Killer Tribes productivity session, I'm embracing it. I also watched Mad Men season premier last night and got so inspired by true marketing & advertising genius! I wish I could go back in time where creativity was king in that world, but none-the-less, I got re-inspired when it came to capturing life.

I long to have a collection of photographs nicely compiled in a book that will last for my kids', kids to look at. Last year, when Jack turned 1, I patted myself on the back because I was actually able to complete a full year of Jack's life in a scrapbook. This was a BIG deal for me. 

This year he turned 2. 

So where's the scrapbook Lisa?'s all on my computer. Not organized. With my business taking off and a new one launching in June of this year it's been crazy. I've seen a lot of mom's pick up the Project Life scrapbooking kits and fill in their pages and have complete books for the year. The task seemed daunting to me for so long, but the desire to create lasting memories for Jack and future kids was more overwhelming than my feelings.

So, I went on HSN and ordered myself a kit! Plus, if you're a new member you get 15% off. Here is the coupon code. Now that I have money behind this venture, I've got to complete it. This morning I opened up my email to see that my order had shipped. I got a little anxious. It's coming (while this may seem dramatic, the feelings are true blue.)

Here is one of the options (I chose a different kit with different colors, but this was really cute!).

Wish me luck! :)

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